Providing vegan burritos and other much-needed items to the unhoused. Introducing affordable and accessible plant based food to the community.


Burrito Project L.A.'s main mission is to promote Food Justice - that includes, but is not limited to, access to nutritious plant based food through community programs. We started in Los Angeles, CA on February 2015 and expanded to Little Rock, AR on June 2016.

This all started by friends coming together to make burritos for our neighbors in need. We meet about every other week to provide vegan burritos, water, and other much-needed items to low income and unhoused people. We choose vegan burritos as the meals to distribute because it is an efficient way to provide a meal containing protein, grains, healthy fats, and vegetables as well as creating minimal waste and leaving as small of an environmental footprint as possible - a clear conscience for all.

Other programs we organize are Plant Based Community Dinners and Cooking Demonstrations. These programs are intended to further serve the unhoused and low income community.

Food Justice is not only about food, it connects with issues like economic development, race/class inequalities, environmental sustainability, and so much more. With this movement, we hope to inspire members of the community to become involved in positive change.


You can reach us at burritoproject.la@gmail.com
Our upcoming events are posted on our social media networks.

Our efforts are made possible by volunteers and donations; as such, we accept donations through PayPal to help fund this cause. All monetary donations go directly towards funding Burrito Project L.A. (purchasing rice, beans, guacamole, tortillas, water, and other integral items).